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tv   Fox 5 News at 11  FOX  October 6, 2013 11:00pm-11:15pm EDT

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joey! >> 141 awesome number. as you saw i got pretty good rhythm and crowd was push meeting. it hurts my stomach! i am certificate kwrl toast tomorrow another breakfast. >> i know! >> wow! all right. news tonight far from over. news i'm at 11 starts right now. this is fox five news at edge at 111234679. thank you for joining us today. has reopened. after multicar pile up shut down for more than 6 hours. 11 people and incident which witnesses say started after two vehicles were dragged racing and one of them lost control. we have the latest tonight from news room. matt i talked two men who survived the chain reaction wreck. their vehicle ended up in ditch. the truck that hit them burst no flames. police say it is started when mur kaoer raw that was
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speeding northbound lanes lost control and slammed into the southbound traffic. >> there was drag racing on north side. of the 301 there leonard was driving southbound on route 301 near cly better drive. when vehicle from northbound side went airborne and slammed into traffic heading southbound. >> sroegs hit me. and knocked me into the shoulder. and then, from there, you know everybody you know, they hit everybody else. >> this mur choir raw was speeding over turned. and yellow truck caught fire and burned. lawn colbert who was passenger, saw everything on unfold. we ended up ditch. luxury we will in this slow lane here. two other vehicles were not so lucky. police say the 23-year-old driver of the mercury and his
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17 wrefld passenger were air lifted to printed george down hospital. nine other people including two small children were rushed by tpwhraopbs the hospital. it is worst thing ever been enveloped in. it was pretty bad. just be clear police have not confirmed a drag race they will only say that vehicle that ined up on wrong side of the highway, and collided head on was southbound traffic watts speeding. charges are pending. >> breaks pu washington hospital. would have just learned employee there died this afternoon after being overcome by fumes. and room near the auditorium. melvin lewis there fixing air conditioner. and he biany new information as we get it. deadly construction accidents on metro overnight.
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we are talk red line it happened as crews welding portion of rate there. three people were i am. they normal rail service will be restored for the monday morning commute. government shut down remains at stalemate tonight but, there may be some even bigger problems looming right now. clock now ticking towards possible government default. fears were only heightened by comments made today by house speak john barn on ab c this week said there would not be house vote on boosting debt ceiling unless president obama makes some concessions. we are not going to pass clean debt limit increase. i told the president there no way we are going pass -- votes are not in the house pass clean debt limit. and president is risking default by not having the conversation with us. >> secretary treasury jack law
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says, treasury secretary says congress must raids the debt limit by on the 179. to aslide default 1234eu6789. we and floor side has blinked. leaving lot government workers upis the about not getting pay connection many tourist angry that the national monuments parks, are closed. fox five has been tapping their mood and join us live from am phaupl. >> you know downtown washington beautiful at night specifically when moon mements are all list. normally they would be open for visitors. i refreshes getting engaged one night on my birthday actually on top stefps the lincoln memorial but, i digress. there seem lot of fewer people than normal out here tonight. in section is of went park.
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climbing over barricades to get close look at the martin luther king memorial. all of that despite possibility of having to pay a $50 fine. >> they could give you ticket. what do i do with it? could you have pay fine. >> how much is fine? it might be worth it? of. >> if you spend your wait for your whole life to get here. that's a hefty fine i think for coming just side playing some volleyball. >> well so far does seem any one getting ticketed but i guess could you sauce that arch men of first degree thank you very much.
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take look weather live look just side. it was beautiful paint karen but it is normal. for start of workweek. we have your answer. hello well lot of people in good news return to cooler weather because of frontal system going to be west of us now. going start coming through tonight. and tomorrow. then advance of that front tam system, we are going to have some showers we will have some thunderstorms right now, way look like real risk for severe thunderstorms could be part of northeast mar land and delaware and then right up by 95 into jersey parts of new not me if the but few would not surprise me. better risk some showers and thunderstorms at noon. west of the d.c. mets tro and then by 3 or 4:00 all of that
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will be moving on across area expect some heavy rains and some gusty winds and behind the front, much, much cooler much more like fall. imagine that? i hope you enjoyed last few days of summer. guys back over to you. no game for washington redskins this weekend but tomorrow, the team name will get lot of attention. members of american indian tribe will be in dc tomorrow pushing for name change because they contracted redskins o financive. they invoid nfl lead or attend symposium for change. it is all comes just days of president obama weighed unit controversy. saying if it was up to woman who change the team's name. >> well plenty great football games today. yes there were fox we are preview of sports extra. cowboys did play their best game owe far season lost he had skins in golf and on dimon
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we got your covered next on news >> does for us tonight. fox five news always on. asite. keep right here. sports extra just three minutes away. have great night, everybody! before
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i am tired! whraobg happens to you all! what are you going to do! score! much thank you for open. welcome to sports extra coming up skins full back discusses team first quarter grade plus two nfc quarterback heart broken but first we do stewart redskins. they been off now for five
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days but working. mike expected his come back for freshed in shape for starter this week practice. here more on skins situation at the bye. many purpose. it is off time for rest and healing. but red skin case it is time for reflection and evaluation. look at the first quarter of their season and that dread one three start. position no one on team could have planninged and at the same time. no one well to and confidence we could pick in up we know what have see would have different group of guys he would youngger but, there khroepls team i have been part of ins i have been. all takes one win to get that ching rolling like on last year but he would got one way
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get but still lot of football left in season. when skins reach their bye last year this three and six and mike announce that he would be evaluation players. then team reeled off seven straight wins not only claim division but also earn posted season bid in year roster is nearly eye didn't cal. they feel like they could make another run but he sometime start offer. and owe with that being said, you know i tkphaopl every situation knowing that, you know, if chance of us not being same. or chance of us being crate everybody kind desired but we believe each other and we are rail lead we will take to about every b.
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easier in the redskins face dallas october 19 with first place in division. possibly on-line. then three and one bears wait. and trip denver to face broncos who won every game
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